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Departing Denver and Figuring out Transportation

Just a little update on our travel and what we’re up to now!
After pulling an all-nighter getting ready for the trip, my mom drove us to Denver International Airport, which was so cool, since it was her BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday Mom!
Our flight left about 30 minutes late, and we spent the flight dozing in and out of consciousness. (Not really – but since we had only slept 5 hours in 50+, it felt a little like fading in and out of reality). We landed at Baltimore Washington Airport, where we rented a car and drove to Virginia.
We are safe and sound in Vienna, VA, where we are staying with some great friends, and have spent this morning figuring out the public transportation.
Here are the web sites we are using to figure out the local transit system:
Why don’t we just rent a car?
We could, but why waste all the excellent exposure opportunities for our sponsors!
So right before we left, we had a little celebration, and popped the cork on some champagne at about 2 AM – one VERY large company called us to say that they were going to be our largest supporter on the trip, and we are very excited to announce who they are to you – as we have with our other sponsors. BUT, we’re just waiting to get all the tehnical details worked out (legal and whatnot), so that will wait for just a little longer.
Here are are the companies who are coming with us today –

0 thoughts on “Departing Denver and Figuring out Transportation

  1. Home Based Bill

    Wish there was a kick-off post for everyone to wish you well on your trip. I’ll just add it here.
    Home-based Bill is with you all the way to the top of Kilimanjaro. Break a leg! Hmmm, is that appropriate to say in this situation?
    I’ve saved a place on my blog called “Kilimanjaro 2006” for updates at . Hope you’ll come and give us your “Home Based Bill” updates with whenever you have a moment. Inquiring minds want to know.
    This is it! Carrie and Jonathan rock!

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