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Why Get Out Of America

Since coming back to America 2 years ago, I have deeply realized just how few Americans know (anything about) what’s going on in the outside world.

I forgot this for a while.

America is so loud.

I started listening to the people who just don’t know, and unfortunately missed out on a great opportunity.

I kicked myself every day for it for about four months, and may continue to have some lingering regret for some time.

That’s okay… life is about choices, and I am working daily on making better choices going forward.

Americans (and Western Europeans)…

Here’s the truth you may be missing:

Life MAY be better for you elsewhere

If you’re willing to deal with being uncomfortable and working through that discomfort, life may be better for you elsewhere.

It’s worthwhile to investigate and decide for yourself.

The outside world has caught up in terms of quality of life in many ways, but there is huge opportunity for educated people to live and work abroad in amazing places – Even in Kuala Lumput.  (Intentionally spelled wrong… because it’s an amazing place that many people don’t even know about.  An American we know referenced it as Kuala Lum Putt.)

Take a look:

I’m not saying you have to or should physically leave America.

Mark Manson says this:

$3000 per month in New York City gets you a [crummy] roach-infested studio apartment in a bad part of Brooklyn or Queens and a lot of fatty take-out meals. Chances are you are working 50- or 60-hour weeks and the weather sucks six months out of the year. In Bangkok, $3000 per month gets you the nicest penthouse apartment in the city, your own driver, access to some of the best restaurants and nightlife in Asia, and you’re probably working 30- or 35-hour weeks. The high-life there is probably 90% of the high-life in NYC, but you’re now living it on the same income that got you a [crummy] studio apartment back in Queens.

However, there is a HUGE opportunity for Americans, particularly well-educated Americans, who feel like they are not getting what they want from life.

If you are willing to look outside of America for opportunity, it’s there.  (It’s there in America too… it just may feel more worth it in other places.

Investigate for yourself.

Countries with Working Holiday Visa programs:


One thought on “Why Get Out Of America

  1. Marty

    Well, glad you were lucky on your travels & not like me & some others in our tour group in one of nicest hotels in Bangkok when we were almost killed from eating boiled shrimp in the hotel. The Dr. came to our hotel (we were passing blood & cramps) that they have an amoeba in their waters there (reason the boat people often only live into their 30’s), that would kill us if it traveled from our intestines to our liver or lungs. Gave us 4 medicines & prescriptions to continue to re-fill until we were home and tested to be sure the amoeba was DEAD. So, before people start thinking of moving to these areas, they better be sure they KNOW about a few other things, rather than just the glittery, the flashy, and the unusual things they will be carried away with seeing.

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