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Poem: As An Eagle

Written December of 1994 when Jonathan is 15

As An Eagle
by Jonathan Kraft

Crying out with an anthem
Never stopping
On wings of endless flight
Through a turning night
Turning dark
Soaring endlessly through the dark
Trying to find even a point of light to cling to
Sure that the light is there
and can even see how to find it
but the strangeness of the dark is addictive and overpowering
pulling him to fly endlessly into the dark
Knowing is the dark that if it can keep him away from the light then it can keep the eagle lying in the dark forever
And to the dark the eagle will unknowingly bring others
Others who believe that since he knows how to find the light, he will lead them to it.
Only to find, however, that when he tells them where to find the light, they don’t want to hear it.
He wishes he could remain in the dark for life and go into the light for eternity
But he knows he must choose to fly through the light


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