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What If A Gym Membership Does Include Picking Up The Trash?

There’s a bit of a back story here.

I’ve been working with a mattress company called now for about 5 months.

Nearly every day, there’s a recorded message phone call that lasts about 4 minutes (I listened through the whole thing once) with a whole bunch of what if questions… those questions ask you to consider some pretty disturbing thoughts about the state of the United States and the world.

I don’t know who is sponsoring this or encouraging these messages to go out, as the caller ID (when Googled) brings up limited results and there’s no other information in the message.

I tend to have some agreement with much of what is suggested and implied by the questions asked. Those “what if” questions come from a speech by Judge Napolitano.

I was reminded of this tonight reading my friend Misti’s Blog Post, where she talks about picking up trash at her ultra-expensive gym, because the gym has built a culture of ownership.

Someone commented on that blog and said “What if we become a world of owners, rather than consumers?”

And I thought of all kinds of “what if’s” that would be good to focus on (if we want to build a place within which we can thrive as a species)?

I decided to create my own “what if list”.

I think you get the world you want by focusing on creating the world you want.

With that in mind…

(by Jonathan Kraft)

What if we truly take action on the things our heart tells us we’re meant to do?

What if we stop asking “Why don’t they just…” and instead ask “How can I adjust”?

What if your taxes actually do care for the roads you drive on every day?

What if you have a traffic accident and there’s someone there within minutes to make sure you’re okay?

What if justice is more than just a notion, and millions of people around the world every day work hard to make sure that people are treated fairly?

What if we give ourselves permission to fail sometimes? What if repeated failure applied toward growth is the best path to success?

What if we hug more, laugh more, share more, and build more?

What if instead of being a world of consumers, we are a world of owners?

What if instead of expecting the government to take care of it, we take care of it?

What if there is no “they”, there’s just we, and what if we just need to listen more?

What if instead of asking “what’s wrong here”, we ask “What’s right here?” or “What’s good about this situation?”

What if instead of complaining about the trash, we just pick it up?

What if instead of throwing away recyclables, we start a neighborhood recycling program?

What if instead of assuming the world is out to get us, we believe that the world is conspiring to do us good?

What if every person you meet is an inexhaustible reservoir and resource for exactly that thing you’re looking to get resolved?

What if it (whatever that thing is for you that you really want) really, truly, is possible? What if you take action to make it happen? What if you pursue it with everything in you until it comes to be reality in your life?

What if the only real place you can make change is within, and that changing within really does change what’s around?

What if there are millions of people just waiting for you to share what you know, and to do it in the best way you can, every day?

What if there’s no such thing as “paying your dues”, and instead you go to work to do the very best you can (and are capable of )each and every day?

What if instead of complaining about the rising costs of food, we learn to grow our own food in our own backyards and share our surpluses with our neighbors?

What if instead of complaining about the rising costs of fuel, we spend our money in support of the technologies which will give people new ways to travel/commute/harvest/build/have fun?

What if in our daily conversations, we choose to see and talk about the good, the healthy, the beneficial, the vibrant, and the caring?

What if we are a world of owners – people who own all the space and care for it as our own, rather than simply consumers?

3 thoughts on “What If A Gym Membership Does Include Picking Up The Trash?

  1. Carol Herndon

    Thanks, Jonathan, for moving forward and expanding Misti’s thoughts and my comments. What you describe is a world where everyone cares for everyone else and everything, just like our idea of how a family can work. I’m enrolled!

    I’ll check in on your blog occasionally to see where this goes.

    1. strive4impact Post author

      Hi Carol,

      Thank-you very much for making the time to comment on Misti’s post, and to provide the inspiration for my post.

      I’m sure there are hundreds… but any other “What If’s” you can think of to add here?

      Thanks again!


  2. Lisa

    What if I chosen to not have the children I was blessed with? Without the four of you, the world would have 4 big holes!

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