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We’re Thankful for Amazing People Around The World

It’s truly WONDERFUL how many amazing people we’ve met.
Kattya and her Boyfriend went out of their way to take us to Fiesta De La Maiz on Sunday, and even bought us breakfast (just the second day we were renting from Kattya in San Jose).
Rob bought us dinner only meeting us for the second time, and really is a great new friend.
Vicky bought us lunch and invited us into her home to eat dinner, use her Internet, and play cards. We’re enjoying getting to know her.
Dave and Cora broke bread with us over some wonderful meals, and also invited us to come back and house-sit for them (which we are going to take them up on). This friendship is just beginning.
Carlos slowed down his Spanish and spoke deliberately and clearly so that we could understand him (first time a local has really made an effort at that for us). We’re looking forward to having dinner/lunch with him when we’re back in Boquete housesitting.
Danny took us around in his truck one afternoon, sharing stories and background on the Boquete valley that we don’t think could have come to us as completely from any other person.
Chris let us borrow his car and drew us amazing maps so we could get to Caldera hot springs.
Dan let us stay in his guest house in Playa Coronado and introduced us to his circle of friends, as well as made an extra trip to Panama City so we could return the rental car and still have a ride back to Playa Coronado.

We’re enjoying all the people we’re meeting in the places we’ve been so far. Thank-you to all of you who have made our travel absolutely incredible!
We’re thankful for everyone who made the effort to come to our wedding two years ago — especially those of you who came from abroad. We know that it was probably not easy to get to Colorado Springs from far-flung parts of the planet, so thank you.
We’re thankful for the unique gifts of the talented people working with us as contractors in their areas of specialty (thank-you Lindsey W, Lisa C, Bobbie A, Christine B, Julie R, Andy N, and Lindsey S).
We’re very thankful for our truly amazing family and friends, you make our lives more exciting, wonderful, and easier.
We’re also thankful for the Internet, without which, our lives would be dramatically different.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

And, just in case you weren’t with us for last year’s Thanksgiving celebration, here’s the 2008 Turkey song (lyrics contributed by Carrie and Deanna, piano played by my mom).
(Just remember it’s all a bunch of silliness, really – which we’re also thankful for – to live in a mental and physical place and time where silliness is good.)

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