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Wedding Information

Obviously, with the wedding being just 30 days away, we’ve been getting a lot of questions.
THat’s because you’re as excited about our wedding as we are! (Well, maybe not as excited, but we’re glad that you’re excited and we’re glad to have you in our lives!)
So, this quick post is to let you know that you can find most of the information about the wedding by clicking above on Wedding.
And then, here are the links you’ll probably want to visit to find what you’re looking for…
Wedding Party
Registry Information
Travel Information

If these links don’t answer your questions, please let us know (you can even do it using the comments below if you want) and we’ll be happy to answer!
Thank-you, and we’re looking forward to seeing all of you!

0 thoughts on “Wedding Information

  1. Francis Nwosu

    Carrie and Jonathan,
    I’d like to attend your wedding from Calabar, Nigeria! how do i get there?
    Wishing you all the best of married life.

  2. Rebecca Carey

    I just want to congratulate both of you again! I’m so excited for you, and think it’s about time this wedding thing happened!

  3. Joe Turek

    Jonathan & Carrie,congratulations on your wedding! A man who finds a good wife has favor from the Lord. Blessings to both of you.
    Joe Turek
    -Niagara Falls Canada

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