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Hotel in Colorado Springs

People have been asking where to stay in Colorado Springs. Jonathan and I did look into blocking rooms at hotels, but it was generally more expensive for guests than if they went and reserved rooms themselves. So, we decided to set up this link instead. Book at the Embassy Suites in Colorado Springs.
7290 Commerce Center Dr, Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States 80919
Tel: 1-719-599-9100 Fax: 1-719-599-4644
This is the hotel where we will be staying, and most of our guests will be staying here as well. It won’t cost you any more to stay here, but Jonathan and I will get 2% back of whatever your room rate is by booking through the above link. If you want to though, you can also check at to see if the rate is different.
Here are a couple of other available hotels as well.

Bradford Homesuites Colorado Springs

(Carrie and Jonathan stayed here in March 2007, and thought that these suites were very nice – about 5 miles away from the church).
Antlers Hilton
(In downtown Colorado Springs – closer to where we’re getting married – also more expensive)
Best Western on Academy
Hope this helps everyone, and we look forward to seeing you at the wedding!

—– Update September 18th —
Someone asked this question:
Hi Jonathan,
I am trying to book our hotel with the link you sent, but that link doesn’t work. So… then I researched that hotel specifically on, but it’s only giving me the option to book under your name from 10/9 – 10/11. Obviously we want to stay the evening of 9/28. I can just book something entirely out of your equation, but you might as well get the 2%. Can you check into your affiliate link and see what’s going on?

For anyone who has this question, here’s what you do:
I know it comes up with an error message (don’t know why that’s happening), but if you just change the dates on the left panel to September 28th, and do a search for “embassy”,

you’ll get the right hotel, and because you’re cookied from clicking the link at, your order will still go through as tracked to us.
(You’ll see it listed as carrieandjonathan on the order confirmation page.)

Hope that helps!
—– End of Update September 18th —

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  1. Robert

    Hey Carrie the Embassy Suites on Commerce Center Dr on the Hilton Website is 89.10 the Fairfield Inn by Marriott also on Commerce Center Drive is 79.99 per night on the marriott website if anyones asking about prices. note that the 79.99 price could be a discounted rate since i have elite status with the marriott

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