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Video: Jumping Out Of Airplanes!

On our 5th wedding anniversary, Carrie took me skydiving!

She had given this to me as a wedding present, and we finally made it happen!

The videos don’t do it justice… you really should go skydiving for yourself to experience it!

6 thoughts on “Video: Jumping Out Of Airplanes!

  1. Misti Burmeister

    Very cool, Jonathan and Carrie! You know, I’ve heard so many great things about sky diving… and people seem to fit into one of two categories about the activity. 1. Why on earth would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane? (they’d never even consider it) 2. You’ve gotta do it (or, if they haven’t done it, “I’m going to do it, absolutely!”)

    The number one reason I have in my head to do it is: getting WAY outside my comfort zone – stare fear in the face – let go of the concept I have around “control.”

    I know, you might be thinking, “Misti, that’s more than one reason,” but not really. It’s all about gaining an experience that gives me another perspective on life.

    That said, what was the biggest benefit for you two? What did you get out of jumping from an airplane?

    OH… and you two should really know this long-held secret… You’re absolutely extraordinary! AND – much appreciated for ALL you chose to be in the world! 🙂

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