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Two new Kilimanjaro sponsors and site traffic

Welcome to our two newest sponsors! Nobel Communications is a company offering awesome rates on calling cards and prepaid phone service! We welcome the opportunity to have them as sponsors on our trip!
Our other sponsor is none other than THE Hilda Smith! More about this woman will come in a future posting, but suffice it to say, she is an awesome woman, and we are honored to have her as a sponsor!
Check out the site traffic from the past few days on Kilimanjaro 2006!

900 visitors on May 8th, 300 visitors on May 9th. Let’s stop there, and explain something… currently, there are 14 banners (from our 16 sponsors) running on Kilimanjaro2006. We’re about to add something to the site that gives all of our sponsors some additional exposure, but for the current sponsors of our climb, this means that in the past two days, each of them have received an average of 85 impressions (14 sponsors / 1200 visitors to the site), just from those two days alone!
Mulitply this out by three years (at even 1/10th of that exposure level), and just the banner placement makes a sponsorship on this site a totally worthwhile investment.
So, keep an eye out for both Hilda’s and Nobel’s banners to show up in the banner rotation. Also, keep an eye out for our change which will increase the level of exposure for each of our sponsors!
Thanks for reading! More Kilimanjaro related news will follow – but wanted to share this with you today!

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