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George W. Bush, John Kerry, and gas prices

This post isn’t exactly Kilimanjaro related, except that we were prepping for our Kilimanjaro trip when this came up.
Carrie and I were watching an old tape of “Friends” from 2004.
We don’t have an outside TV connection (just figure it to be primarily a waste of time), but Carrie is a very avid “Friends” watcher, so we were watching an episode before heading on our way out the door to train (after all, it is only 28 days to Kilimanjaro).
And… well, I just thought I’d make a video to show you one of the commercials we saw, and some research I did surrounding the commercial.
Thanks to the Simpsons and Wikipedia for thier help in providing material for the video!
This little video clip features George W. Bush, John Kerry, and gas prices.
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