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Travel Podcast #3 – San Jose, Costa Rica

As we are traveling the world, Carrie and I are doing a weekly travel podcast
Who knows? Maybe thousands of years from now aliens will hear this and realize they’ve found something truly unique.
In any case, here’s Podcast #3, where we talk about:
– Bad jokes
– Healing bites
– Funny Stomachs
– Filete
– Deciding to stay in Boquete a couple days extra
– A coffee tour
– An afternoon driving around Boquete with Danny Higgins
– Hibiscus devouring carpenter ants
– Hotel Madrid, David, lunch with the Vicky’s and dinner with Rob
– TicaBus and Tracopa
– San Jose, Kattya and her boyfriend, our condo for the week, and the Fiesta De La Maiz

Listen to the podcast or download it below.
(If you use the player, after you click the play button, it may take a moment, so please be patient or click the download link.)

Download the travel podcast MP3 here
The call was produced using Skype. it was edited using Sony Vegas.

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