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La Fiesta Del Maiz: A San Jose, Costa Rican Corn Party

La Fiesta Del Maiz
La Fiesta Del Maiz in San Jose, Costa Rica.On our first morning back in San Jose, Kattya and Ricardo took us to Fiesta De La Maiz.
Ricardo told me that La Fiesta Del Maiz was started by a guy who (sometime around 30 years ago) began selling corn (maiz) on the side of the road. He sold his corn still in the husks and roasted on a grill.
That was a new concept when he started doing it here in Costa Rica.
Today, it’s a pretty normal thing to see.
Anyway, he turned his one-man corn party into a full-blown restaurant called La Fiesta Del Maiz.
This corn party features traditional Costa Rican cuisine (Casados, Pinto Gallo, and Platanos Fritos o Dulces (Fried or sweet plantain)- see pictures below), the most delicious rice pudding and horchata we’ve ever had, and, of course, lots of yummy stuff made out of corn (corn bread, corn pancakes, and corn tortillas).

The corn bread and corn pancakes were our favorites.
I’m going to have to ask Kattya where Fiesta De La Maiz is so I can direct you there too, when you come to Costa Rica.
There was a road closure on the way, and I completely lost track of where we were since Ricardo was driving.
La Fiesta Del Maiz is really not to be missed when you’re near San Jose, Costa Rica. The food is cheap, home cooked, and absolutely delicious.
What could make this “party of the corn” experience even better?
The fact that Ricardo picked up the bill. That was a very nice and unexpected surprise. Thanks very much Ricardo!
The food at La Fiesta Del Maiz in San Jose, Costa Rica.

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