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Touring the Mekong Delta, Day 1: My Tho and Ben Tre

Mekong Delta Vietnam
Knowing that we wanted to tour the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, and cross into Cambodia from there, it seemed easiest to book a tour. We found a 3 day tour that started in Saigon, and ended in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It included all transportation, breakfast each day, one lunch, a guide, and help crossing the border of Cambodia. For $51 each, that seemed like the right way for us to go.

We started at 8:15, when we were picked up from our hotel. We were then driven in a mini van (air conditioned) to start the tour in My Tho. But, the first stop was a rest stop. (Or a “Happy Stop” as the guide called it.)
Mekong Delta Vietnam
It turns out that “happy stop” was an appropriate name for it. It was beautiful. It had gardens, restaurants, waterfalls, and a coffee shop. Where I enjoyed a most delicious iced white Vietnamese coffee. Those Vietnamese sure know how to do coffee.
Mekong Delta Vietnam

Mekong Delta Vietnam
Then it was off to the boat. We cruised on the boat, up the river, for about an hour. We arrived at a coconut candy making “factory”.
Mekong Delta Vietnam
Mekong Delta Vietnam
They gave us a demonstration for how they make their candy, and passed out some free samples. It was delicious.

While we were there, Jonathan also got to try snake wine. Yeah, that’s wine made from fermented snake. He’s braver than I am.
Mekong Delta Vietnam
From there it was another boat ride to the village of Ben Tre. Here we were allowed to explore on bicycles for about 45 minutes. But, before we got started, Jonathan had to visit the village water buffalo.
Mekong Delta Vietnam

It spooked him.

Those things are big.

We managed to get off the beaten track a little with our bikes, and found a lovely path through the village that was quiet, quaint, and peaceful. I loved our little bike ride.
Mekong Delta Vietnam
When we got back from our bike ride, we had lunch (included in the tour). Then it was off to another boat, this one paddled by hand by 2 women.
Mekong Delta Vietnam
After about 30 minutes, we arrived at a cultural song performance. Then we were off to the bee farm.
Mekong Delta Vietnam
From there, we went back to My Tho by boat, and then by van on to Can Tho where we stayed the night waiting for day 2 of the tour.

Sometimes it’s really unfortunate how things mean completely different things from one language to another. Take this for example:
Mekong Delta Vietnam

7 thoughts on “Touring the Mekong Delta, Day 1: My Tho and Ben Tre

  1. [email protected]

    GREAT, smart to do the tour there–very smart!!! Yes, I wander if I
    went to the same bee farm? Doesn’t matter. So glad you did this tour.
    Viet Nam & Cambodia are rural & so different from all the rest of the
    world, yes?

    1. carrie Post author

      Really different and wonderful. Though Jonathan’s had a bit of difficulty with the food in Cambodia… we think he got another stomach parasite… good thing we brought the Colufase with us that we got in Ecuador. He’s doing better now, but not back to food completely yet.

    1. carrie Post author

      It really was an amazing price for what we got. The second night hotel was way sketchy, but other than that, everything about the tour was awesome!

  2. Sylvia & Frank

    Hi Carrie and Jonathan,
    A big HELLO from Berlin.
    I,sylvia checked out your blog a few weeks ago, but haven’t stopped by to say hi. And this weekend Frank asked about you guys again, which he is currently very busy with work.
    Hope you guys have lots of fun and keep it up!!
    We will see each other in Berlin.
    Warm wishes,
    Sylvia & Frank

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