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The Prince’s Rainforests Project

Take a look at our video for the Prince’s Rainforests Project below.

Something happened with the webcam when we were recording so that both the audio and video quality ended up funny, but we just left it, because we thought it was funny.
But the cause is very serious. Some very large names and corporations have signed on for this:

I hope it’s more just lip service from many of the companies (Ahem, McDonald’s (slash and burn) for one), but that they do intend to actually change their policies and practices to lead to a more sustainable future. (I thought the Aveda CEO was interesting too, sitting with the plastics behind him… one could assume those plastics were made from petroleum process consuming ridiculous amounts of water for their production – I don’t really know. Should look more into it.)
Learn more about the Prince’s Rainforest Project in this video below:

Throughout this year the Prince’s Rainforests Project be working to raise awareness of the link between rainforest destruction and climate change and the need for urgent action to stop deforestation.
To learn more and/or create your own frog video, visit

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