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The Lonely Planet Blogger Awards: Indie Travel Podcast

Earlier this year, Lonely Planet (the well-known travel guide company) announced nominations were open in their first ever blogging awards. Now the nominations are closed and five blogs are up for the vote in each category to decide Lonely Planet’s travel blogs of the year.

There are many blog awards on the internet, many of them not worth the time spent voting, but in travel, Lonely Planet is a big name. They have the potential to help mainstream the travel blogging world, especially the more arcane areas like podcasting. This year, the awards are being run under their “labs” banner, but we hope they have a successful trial run this year and further publicise it in 2010.
The winner is based 50% on public vote and 50% on judges’ decision so it’s time to go and vote for your favorite sites. Amongst others, we’re voting for the Indie Travel Podcast for “best podcast” — Craig and Linda are fun hosts with useful information whom we’ve met through the Island Reef Job contest.
So, if you will go and vote for the IndieTravelPodcast, It will only take about 20 seconds to vote for them.
Thanks a bunch for helping us help them!

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