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Hell In a Handbasket?

The next time someone tells you that the world is going to “hell in a handbasket” or something similar, they’re probably thinking:

  • There just aren’t good people anymore
  • The situation looks bleak because the solution is too expensive
  • It’s so hard to find good people
  • the world is generally unsafe

If someone tells you nonsense like that, I hope you’ll remember this post on our web site and return to it.
Those opinions are just opinions, and are really nonsense when stacked up against the overwhelming and incontrovertible truth that there are strong and incredible people around the world.
The world is in fact full of amazing people…

These people are engaged in a variety of powerful and fascinating adventures.
Despite news presenting evidence to the contrary, people are much better around the world than they ever have been before.
I hold it as truth that as a species, we are awakening to this reality.
Even though Carrie and I are now out of the running for the Island Reef Job (A.K.A. The Best Job In the World), the contest has brought us into contact with people whose lives are great examples of living the life you want to live.
They are achieving the dreams they’ve chosen to achieve.
One of the best things about the contest is that it required that people show their best side in 1 minute or less.
That makes these videos great for a pick-me-up, restoring your faith that lots of people can and do achieve their goals and dreams (and they’re also great for a bit of entertainment).
Any time you need some motivation or inspiration, or lose your faith in people in general, just return here and watch a few of these videos.
These have all been created by average people who do amazing things everywhere.
We hope that you are as inspired and entertained (as we are) by what we see here.

We’ve gotten to know Scott a bit through the contest. He seems like a REALLY nice guy.

I loved the animation of this one.

I have no idea why this one makes me laugh so much… I had to watch it twice though. (Okay, I know why it makes me laugh… but it’s weird that it makes me laugh.)

There are hundreds more examples of people like this.
Go out and achieve your dreams. These people are, and you can too.

0 thoughts on “Hell In a Handbasket?

  1. Scot

    I agree Jonathan – this is an incredible world with incredible people. Just a few bad apples – of course ….. but its a big vinyard.
    I’ve decided to start a new business whereby I hire these 35,000 applicants, put them all in one building (virtual), and see what happens. No startup costs, no salaries. Just these 35,000 people. I need a name for the venture? Any suggestions?

  2. Jonathan

    Hey Scot!
    You might want to check out the Ning site for ideas and people in this arena:
    My personal vote would be something like “The most interesting room in the world”
    If there are no startup costs and no salaries, how will these people be incentivized to congregate in one virtual place?

  3. John

    Sure the things are moving astray,The days are no longer justfiable. World needs courageous men and women.
    From John

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