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The Four Seasons Denver: My Next Door Neighbor

It seems that I end up close to The Four Seasons during movement times in my life.

I’m not talking about Vivaldi – The Four Seasons

(though the music is nice)

And though I am of course affected by the 4 seasons of the year, I’m not talking about the 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall).

I’m talking about The Four Seasons Hotel.

Maybe it’s just coincidental, but lots of movement (generally positive) seems to be happening in my life around the time when I’m near one of these hotels…

When I went to New York in 1997 (with a High School Group to perform on the Carnegie Hall Stage), we ended up near The Four Seasons a lot.

When I went to Paris with a high school group on 1998, I walked by The Four Seasons every day on my way to the school where we performed (in Paris).

Visiting Paris

The high school group that I performed with in Paris. (I was 18.)


When I went to Germany in 2001, Anne Link showed me The Four Seasons hotel in Hamburg.  This was a pretty important trip in my life… going to the place where my Oma had left Germany in 1938.

Hamburg Four Seasons Hotel

I took this picture of The Four Seasons-Hamburg when I was in Hamburg in 2001.

When Carrie and I were in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we walked by The Four Seasons on our way into the city (a walk we took nearly every day), and remarked how different it looked from the $18/night hostel where we stayed.  (For the record, we loved that hostel.)

Chiang Mai Seasons

Jonathan in Chiang Mai, Thailand

And now, I’m at a pretty movement oriented place in life.


We drove by The Four Seasons Toronto (Canada) last weekend (when we were there for the lacrosse game).

As well, with the condo we’ve bought in Denver, we live next door (literally) to the Four Seasons in downtown Denver.

Here’s what’s interesting about this…  I have never actually stayed in a Four Seasons Hotel.

Has anyone else stayed in a Four Seasons Hotel?

Are they nice?


2 thoughts on “The Four Seasons Denver: My Next Door Neighbor

  1. Lisa

    I don’t think we’ve ever stayed at a Four Seasons Hotel, but we had brunch at the one on Colorado Boulevard for Easter with Oma!!! It was very nice and I also wondered what it would be like to actually stay in one!!

  2. strive4impact Post author

    Well… maybe sometime we’ll organize a group trip to New York or Hamburg or somewhere that there’s a Four Seasons and stay there. Seems kind of silly to stay at the Four Seasons in Denver when it’s literally across the street now – now if someone offered a free night at the Four Seasons, I’d certainly take them up on it…

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