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Spring has sprung in New Zealand

Spring has sprung in New Zealand.

People are going to the park after work, putting on sunscreen, and enjoying picnic dinners in the park amongst the budding flowers.

But wait! Something’s remiss…

It’s the end of October.

And it’s spring ?!?

Instead of grass around dirt infields, there are large circles painted on the grass.

People are wearing what appear to be baseball gloves, but the ball bounces in-between pitcher and batter.

And when the batter connects, everyone looks to see if the ball goes far enough to score a wicket (whatever that is).

And the pitcher’s mound has been substituted for what appears to be a long strip of turf.

Kids playing rugby leagueOh, but wait! There’s a father and son – playing with a football. How nice!

Hmm… That football looks large.  Really large.

And so does the football that group of boys are tossing and kicking around over there. And why are they all talking about getting in a scrum?

And of course, everything is on the other side of the road… even passing people on the sidewalk happens on the other side.

There is a great feeling of spring after a cold, wet winter.

What I find most wonderful is the return of the sun.

What I find wonderful and most strange is that after 5 months in New Zealand, none of this seems all that foreign.

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