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Question about Staying in Buenos Aires – Terrazas Palermo

Hi Jonathan,

I found your video of Terrazas Palermo while searching for reviews on their properties.

Thanks for sharing that it was great. I’m looking at their other property on Guatemala street and wondered if you saw it yourself or have known people that stayed there –

(The availability is far more open than the Gurruchaga which you reviewed so I’m looking for anything I should know before making a commitment. ) I may be staying a full month so I’m trying to do as much homework on the place as possible. Any help would be very much appreciated. Best wishes for your future travels.

Regards, Todd Johnson

Hey Todd!

I hope you really enjoy your stay in BsAs. Be sure to check out our restaurant reviews at once you’re there.

You’ll be right in the neighborhood, and we definitely enjoyed the good and cheap food there (but there are a few to stay away from as well… check out the site).

We definitely enjoyed our stay at Terrazas Palermo, in the apartment on Gurruchaga.

As far as the Guatemala Street property… we only saw it from the outside as it was rented the whole time we were in Buenos Aires. However, while living at Gurruchaga, we met the owner of the properties. His name is David. He’s from Spain and a very cool guy. We had some good chats with him and think you would do well (and enjoy your stay) at any of the places he owns/runs there.

Hope that’s helpful and let us know how you like Buenos Aires.

We LOVED our six weeks there, once we finally got into a good apartment.


Here’s the original video of Terrazas Palermo that Todd was asking about:

Terrazas Palermo: Buenos Aires (on YouTube)

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