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Serious is the New Funny

I’m always learning new things about myself.

For example, I recently learned that cabbage is probably my favorite vegetable. I’ve always liked it, but didn’t realize that I loved it until Jonathan and I ate nearly an entire head of cabbage by ourselves in one sitting.

I’ve also learned that my priorities (and experiences) are probably a little different than most people’s.

See, I recently went to IKEA.

For chocolate.

When I told a friend at work, she said “Wait. You went to Ikea, a furniture store, for chocolate.  But you have no furniture in your house?”

“Yes,” was my sheepish response.

“I like your priorities!” she responded.

Along these lines… I learned earlier this week that (apparently), I have “a dry, witty sense of humor”.

When I heard this, my first thought was, “no I don’t”.

That sense of humor belongs to my friends Villiam, or Matt.

And when I told Jonathan about it, he told me it was New Zealand’s influence on me.

Yesterday, however, I discovered the truth.

I don’t have a dry sense of humor. People just think I’m being funny when I’m actually being… well… serious.

See, on my lunch break at work, we were talking about Asian grocery stores and restaurants in the area.

Someone asked me how I found all these “weird” restaurants.

I said “Groupon.  And the fact that I’ll try anything…. Except fried bugs… And guinea pigs; I couldn’t do it.”

Those were my words, and I thought nothing of it.

But they all laughed… thinking I was joking.

But no, I was serious.

Then later, they were talking about how someone they know will only eat at McDonald’s, or Sam’s Club.

And I said, “For the samples?”

Again, they all started laughing and high-fiving me for my joke.

But, I was honestly asking the question.

I want to be funny. But it’s a little embarrassing to own up to the fact that when I’m at my funniest, I’m really being serious.

When are you at your funniest?

2 thoughts on “Serious is the New Funny

  1. Jill Andre

    I was definitely had a funny moment all alone in my house watching the news last week. I saw some stats on Peyton Manning and saw that he was a 4 time Pro Bowler. I actually told myself, “I didn’t know he was a bowler”. Then when I realized my crazy mistake I burst out laughing and could not wait to tell my husband and sons about Peyton Manning’s bowling stats!!!! We call them Jillisms at our house.

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