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30 for 30 – Bagels

When we first came back to Colorado, we scheduled to have brunch with some good friends to see them again, and meet their adorable baby.

I sent over my 30 for 30 list to see what jumped out at them. They chose bagels. My only restriction was no onion bagels.

Jonathan wanted something sweet (cinnamon raisin), and I wanted savory (roasted garlic).

So, I set to work. It takes 2, almost 3 days to properly make bagels.

I made one batch of basic, plain dough. Then I divided it (semi-equally), into two parts.

Freshly ground cinnamon from India, and soaked raisins went in one.

3 heads of roasted garlic went into the other.

The most amazing thing about the whole process is that the garlic ones way out-performed the cinnamon ones. For some reason, those darn cinnamon raisin bagels just did not cooperate. They never rose.

I probably shouldn’t have used them. But I wasn’t about to waste them. And I knew that it wasn’t the dough that I’d somehow botched, because the garlic ones were gorgeous and perfect.

So, I baked them anyway.

Served warm and with fresh cinnamon-honey cream cheese, and vegetable cream cheese. They were a hit.

Next time though, I’m adding more garlic.

I say that about everything.

To be honest though, right now we live right across the street from a fantastic bagel shop. I’ll just run over there the next time I’m craving bagels.

Read on for the recipe I used.

Peter Reinhart’s Bagels
Adpated from The Bread Baker’s Apprentice via SmittenKitchen

I followed the recipe above exactly for the cinnamon raisin bagels.

For the roasted garlic ones, I added 3 heads of roasted garlic before the kneading stage. Next time I would double that.

And, yes, I did weigh the dough to get bagels of exactly the same size.

I’m now 1 for 30.

3 thoughts on “30 for 30 – Bagels

  1. Shannon

    Yay! We were SO happy to be testers! We will gladly eat anything and everything you want to make. And Peter definitely appreciates his store bought bagels even more now, after knowing all the work that goes into them (not that they can hold a candle to yours!).

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