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Rotten Eggs Rotorua

rotorua new zealand city of stink

Rotorua, New Zealand is full of natural hot springs. Like most hot springs, the ones in Rotorua smell like sulfur (rotten eggs). But, one thing that stands out about Rotorua, is the size of the hot springs.

There’s a really large lake near the town. The whole thing is thermal. There’s a walking track around the lake that is pockmarked with signs warning you to stay on the path or risk being singed.
rotorua new zealand city of stink
Every hotel from the fancy to the barely functional advertises private thermal pools.

Upon first arrival in the town, Jonathan and I went to the lake, to appreciate the beautiful view, and horrendous smell Rotorua had to offer.

We quickly got used to the smell, but the view remained breathtaking.

After a few hours enjoying the lake, we went back into town and visited the i-site. I-sites are information spots set up all over New Zealand. They’re there to offer information about the surrounding area, and to help visitors with anything they might need.

We went there to get suggestions for a hotel, find a good Maori experience tour, and got more than we bargained for.

I couldn’t believe that we hadn’t stopped at an i-site before. So helpful. The next time you’re traveling around New Zealand, be sure to check them out. A lot of the sites also have showers and a café and a place to relax while waiting for the next part of your journey.

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