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Questions And Answers About Granada, Nicaragua

A visitor to our website sent me a few emails with a bunch of questions about Granada, Nicaragua, so I’ve decided to answer them here in a separate post.

How did you like Granada, Nicaragua? I hear very positive things about that city. I have not been there yet, but have been to Costa Rica numerous times. International living to me is very appealing, although I must admit knowing how to speak at least decent spanish is definitely important if living there full time. I need to learn more spanish, but I am sure if I were living in a spanish speaking country I would pick it up eventually within the year.

We really liked Granada.  One of our favorite towns.  Only complaint about it was that it was REALLY hot.  Don’t go there in the summer… October-March is fine, but even people from Granada leave in June and July.

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I like the many different links to other social networking sites on the bottom of your website. That is a very cool design the way they are all lined up next to each other. Is there a lot to do in Granada? What did you like about Granada? I hear it is totally different than Costa Rica; from what I hear it is cheaper than CR. Only way to find out is to visit. Do you think Granada would be good for a single man like me?

Thanks for the compliments on social networking buttons.  It’s a plugin for WordPress.  I like it too.  🙂

There’s a fair amount to do in Granada… the obligatory church surfing, cigar tour and cigar rolling, lots of bars/restaurants, and a lot that’s relatively close including a couple volcanoes, lake nicaragua (HUGE), isla del omitepe (google that one), and Leon is a great city about 3 hours away… lots to do there.

The capital, Managua, is pretty much a dangerous and relatively dirty city, best we can tell, but you go through there to get to Granada.

My impression of prices in Costa Rica is that they are almost as expensive as the US, without the infrastructure.

Good for a single man like you?  I’m not sure what you’re asking about there… I’m a married man, but if you’re asking if it would be easy to meet women, my impression is that it’s easy to meet women, especially if you’re from the states and the perception is that you have money…  That sort of start is not good for a lasting relationship, and not to be crass, but it’s  a pretty true statement.

Hope that’s helpful.  Please ask any other questions you have about Granada here, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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  1. Fernando

    Hi, thank you for your e mail. My wife and I will be traveling to Managua soon and would like to know if you guys recoment to travel to San jose Costa Rica via tica bus with our 2 year old. Any tips you can give us will be greatly appreciate. By the way I have many favorite spots in Managua that I love, and I also have family in granada that operate one of those horse buggys at the park, thougt my favorite city is Buenos aires, Rivas. Perhaps one day we’ll run into and take you for a more closer look. Best of luck for you and your wife.

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