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Granada, Nicaragua: First Impressions

I’d heard good things about Granada, Nicaragua. But most of the descriptions I’ve heard of it say that it is a “colonial city”. I didn’t really know what that meant.

I expected to see a lot of colonial-style architecture. What Jonathan and I got upon our arrival in Granada was a very pleasant surprise.

We got off the Tica Bus in Managua, Nicaragua (the capital). From there we took the “express” bus to Granada. This bus ride cost each of us a whopping US$ 1.75 for an hour ride.

We didn’t know exactly where Hotel Terrasol was, so we were dropped off at Central Park – right in front of a beautiful cathedral.

The park was surrounded by horse-drawn carriages. And lots of street vendors of all sorts – food, crafts, cigarettes, you name it.

We grabbed a taxi to our hotel. We were greeted by name when we entered, and given our pick of the rooms. We’d left our (very heavy by this point) bags downstairs, and they were brought up by the very nice hotel boy.

Our room has air conditioning. This was mandatory for us here in Nicaragua. It’s much hotter here than it was in Costa Rica or Panama.

We decided to take advantage of the day and check out the town. A quick glance at the map told us we were walking distance to anything we wanted to see.

On our way to the cathedral in central park, we saw another church. This one appears to be nearly in ruins, but their bell tower is in tact and study looking.

We saw that it was only US$ 1 to go to the top, and that they have the best view in town. We couldn’t pass it up.

It was spectacular! We could see all the major landmarks, and the lake. We could even hear the clock tick, and the bells chime on the hour. The bell tower is a must-do activity for anyone in Granada.

From there we went to the park to look around. Then something wonderful happened. We got hungry!

This is the first time that we’ve been hungry since we were in Bocas Del Toro (nearly 2 months ago). We stopped for some paninis at CafĂ© Europa.

The food was excellent, the drinks were cold, and the atmosphere was fun. What more can you ask for?

We walked around the town some more after that. What a great place Granada is. It’s beautiful, safe, and always something to do and look at.

Also, Nicaragua is cheap! This was a nice change after coming from Costa Rica. Here we can buy sandwiches, dessert, and drinks for under $13.

We spent some time in the cathedral and the walking plaza and then it was back to Hotel Terrasol for a delicious dinner and early to bed.

3 thoughts on “Granada, Nicaragua: First Impressions

  1. Fernando

    Hi, I just happen to find your page. I agreed that Managua, Nicaragua is dangerous and specially at night, but dirty? for an undeveloped country not as dirty as philadelphia, Washington dc and other US cities.
    I lived in Managua half of my life and I can tell you from experience there is more to see of my belove city than you can tell by mearly passing by.

    1. Jonathan

      Hey Fernando,

      No doubt there are other great things to see in Managua.

      I would call New York and Atlanta… as well as Buenos Aires, Argentina… Quito, Ecuador and Rome, Italy big dirty cities as well… but I think there are lots of interesting things to see in those cities too.

      What are your favorite parts of Managua? How about Granada or Leon?

      Thanks for stopping by our site!



  2. joseph

    how much in colonies to go from san jose to granada by tica bus round trip whats the fees at the border to and from there i will be going there in august 2020 thank you

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