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Poem: Where the Angels Play Ball

It is March 1994 and Jonathan is 14 when he writes this poem.

This Is the Place Where the Angels Play Ball…

Where the Angels Play Ball

by Jonathan Kraft

This is the place,
where the angels play ball.
They play when people hear their call.

They play with us,
as we walk through life,
and they help lead us through all strife.

Leading us to the place we should go,
that, put simply, is the angels’ goal.

To help us through the troubles we find.
At the end of the day,
they clear our minds.

The most powerful person on Earth will fall,
when the angels come to play ball.

They let us take control,
and catch us when we fall,
that is why the angels have come to play ball

When people need to know what to do,
or need some help tying their shoe,
or maybe need help finding out who,
The angels also then play for you.

Want to know how to contact them?
Simply contact Jesus.
The angels are his gems.

By showing people to take the right road,
they water a seed,
already sowed
inside your soul,
and they help it to grow.
The more you need, the more you know,
the angels will be there,
always for you,
and they’ll help you find the person inside who
knows what you need,
not just what you want.
This person inside
isn’t gallant or gaunt,
but when the angel shows you
who you are,
you will know
how really far
you can go,
if you give it an honest try,
reside in the angels.
You won’t have to ask why
certain things aren’t what they appear.
You will no longer
have to fear,
violence or weapons,
discrimination or hate,
Trust in the angels to play ball,
you’ll never have to worry about fate.

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