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Poem: Thoughts on EF and LC

by Jonathan Kraft

Written 1. June, 2006

It seems so long ago
but it was not so long ago,
that I took what was good,
and I crushed it.
In a moment of carelessness,
with a desire to experience
something new, different, and
something exciting, I took good,
and I milked it for more.
I took purity, and asked,
“What makes you pure?”
I took genuine gold
and polished right through it.
I took crystal in my hand,
and squeezed until it showed signs of cracking
just to satisfy my curiosity.

I looked innocence in the face,
and wondered, “What’s behind that face?”

And it’s not exactly regret I feel
because I’m analyzing the past
with tools gained from the past,
and if the past weren’t there,
I might not have the tools.

But there is a kind of muffled sadness,
and a feeling of wonder:
– I wonder what I’ve destroyed
– I wonder what I’ve created
– I wonder what different choices would have created

And of sadness:
– Hard way to hurt a heart
– Changed eyes create their own world

For the lessons I learned, I am grateful.
For the hurt I caused…
I am so sorry.

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