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Poem: To the Girl Whose Name I Do Not Know

It is Sat, April 6, 1996 and Jonathan is 16 when he’s writing this

To the Girl Whose Name I Do Not Know
by Jonathan Kraft

To the girl whose name I do not know.

I look at you,
And I see you from afar.
You are like the stranger
who is across the crowded room.
Should I approach?

I look at you.
You are so radiant.
I see this incredible energy
all around you which shines
so brightly for all to see.
I see it.

I see it in your face,
I see it in your smile,
I see it especially in your eyes.
Because your eyes lead
to your soul, and that is
where this energy resides,

I see this energy, and think
that you are truly beautiful.

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