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Poem: Golden Glenn

The GOlden Glenn... where everything is possible - poem about goldGolden Glenn
by Jonathan Kraft

In the golden glenn, there was a man
he held something out in his hand
but every time it, I tried  to hold
it became a rock, so strong and bold

I asked the man, why it was so
why should it be? I had to know.
This thing of beauty so strong it glowed
I knew it could help me carry my load

through thick and thin each card I’d be dealt
could be by this neat thing really helped
If only I could grasp it really strong
and hold onto it my whole life long

The man spoke out somewhat softly
He said “Your aims in life are lofty.
You can achieve all that you desire
Just look at the glenn, where you’ll admire

all of what’s available for you.”
So I looked around… so little I knew
around me always in the place where I’d been
millions of these things, in the golden glenn.

“The Golden Glenn”, it is your life
Your work, your passions, your husband or wife.
The helpers are always there for you
just waiting for you to decide what to do.



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