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Poem: To Jackie

The answer to yesterday’s riddle was…


Congratulations to Kerry Dehning, who came closest with her guess of “breath”.

Stay tuned… more riddles coming next week!


It is March 1994, Jonathan is 14, and he is totally smitten with a girl named Jackie who he met at World Youth Day in Summer 1993.

To Jackie;

Love poems written
in the past
have shared memories
that would last

For us, there is but one
memory there
but I hope that’s not all
that we share

Waiting for you
to come to me
is something I can’t afford
a luxury
because if I didn’t see you
at least once again
I could never see
another woman
without thinking of you
and the presence you gave
walk him that night
on a cold street paved

Without seeing you
or knowing your true face
I tend to think
I’ll lose my place

Lost in life
without knowing you
it will be hard
to make it through

I can’t live without
your voice that I hear
without it I lose
my hope and I fear
facing tomorrow
without you my side
and without I’d lose
the ability to try

Everything about you
a bad thing, I couldn’t say
all I think about is
I want to see you today

I’m following what I feel
inside my heart
and I hope that’s where
will find our start

In a world of hope,
Faith, and care,
I hope there’s something
more that we share


– – – – – – – –

Will you share your heart with me?
A heart, I know I want to see
it will make me feel free
Will you share your heart with me

I will share my heart with you
to show you we can make it through
to help you in all that you do
I will share my heart with you

Can we share all we’ve got
swinging together in a hammock
can we learn to share our thoughts
can we share all we’ve got?

Can I share my heart with you?
Will you share your heart with me?


Jackie became my first unrequited love experience.

(I was a pretty deep 8th grader, huh?)

This one took me a while to get over.

(Bear in mind reading this that I had only met her once, and only for about 4 hours.)

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