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Poem: There Is A New Light (At The Stoplight)

There Is A New Light
by Jonathan Kraft

There is a new light
at the stoplight
A blinding beast of a thing.
A reminder to all
Postman may come to call
and bring a most unwelcome thing

The eye of the beast
could have at least
left us some privacy
but government is broke
“In the black” just a joke
So this letter does come with a fee

The bright blinding flash
may cause a crash
but they seem to really not care.
Didn’t fully stop?
There’s a robotic cop.
Twenty-four seven waiting there.

Prying big brother
both father and mother
and judge and also the jury.
But there are so many
who have spent every last penny
And a fee will give them new fury.

Could instead have them work
as a crossguard lurk,
the import of full stop they’ll learn.
Instead what you’ve sent
makes them hate government
taking even more from what they earn

For (it’s plain to see)
no one is free
if doing right requires oversight
But let them be a detective
give a new societal perspective
and they will want to do what’s right.

And that’s a much better type of light.



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