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Poem: Thanks For Being A (Step)Mom

Thanks For Being A (Step)Mom
by Jonathan Kraft

I knew you were amazing
from the day that we first met.
I had a feeling we’d be together.
I thought it was a pretty sure bet.

One thing I didn’t know for sure
was how, with my kids, it would go.
Would they feel encroached upon?
Could a relationship grow?

But it has worked through your sacrifice,
as well as the love and care you’ve given,
the contributions you’ve made every day,
and the extra miles you’ve driven.

You didn’t have to be a mom
to children who were not yours.
But you embraced with loving arms
helping them learn, helping with chores

and helping them learn the value of love
and how to get things done really well.
You wiped away many teary eyes.
you helped them when they fell.

Today with these words I recognize
and appreciate all that you’ve done.
You’ve built a life for us all together
along the way, you’ve made it quite fun.

Thank-you for being a mom to them.
Thank-you for being there for me.
You continue to amaze me daily.
Thank-you for building our family.


This was written for a client in 2012, who asked if I’d write a poem from a husband to his wife, thanking her for the sacrifices she’d made in being a stepmom.  Here’s what I received as a request that prompted this poem:

The poem is from a husband to his wife (stepmom). The poem recognizes her contributions and sacrifices for the family her stepchildren.

If you would like a custom poem, please contact me.



One thought on “Poem: Thanks For Being A (Step)Mom

  1. Camilla Winterling

    I need a poen that explains how I feel about my stepchildren who are grown and married. I thought over the past few years I had worked out the difference that separates us from being a family with their mom. Over the past few months I got a call from their mom asking me if I were trying to take her children I replies if course not I would never do that. I just appreciated her children being so good and supportive to my children I look at is as step parenting if I need her to help she would be there and the same goes for me. Because the grown kids call me mom by their own admission I have become the bad wolf. I love my step children with my whole heart but her family cousins just won’t leave anything in the past. My kids call her husband and herself aunt and uncle we have gone on trips together gone theu marriages and now a grandbaby which brings me to this hurt. My stepson loves me and calls me mom even in front if his mom so when I told him on FB yesterday I loved him his wife and the baby to be and signed it love mom now his mothers cousin is after me. Left a very nasty note in my FB for everyone to see please help me explain how very dear her children are to me and that I love them with my whole heart I have had them in my life since 1995. I treat them as though they are my own would never hurt then but according to their mom I do not qualify as a grandparent The funny thing is the my step sons biological father has nothing to do with him my husband had raised him since he was 18mo but none if her friends ever mention that. I am not mean or vindictive I just want to enjoy this beautiful baby that god has lent is If their is anything that would help to convey my love for Sarah and mike please help me. Thank you Camilla

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