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Poem: Precious In Every Light

Precious In Every Light
by Jonathan Kraft

Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and white
should be precious in every light
but sometimes people have a hard time to see
that sentiment with a blended family

Who knows why society’s stereotypes
keep people people locked into their own gripes
some people come from a really stuck place
They’re unwilling to go at a brand new pace

So they might hurl some careless words
thinking they’re talking just for the birds
Or maybe they even mean to cause harm
with insults that really do truly alarm

And one standing alone can oft be broken
when careless words by another are spoken
But standing together, we are so strong
Those words but mire trifles, compared with our song

The love under our roof knows no shade
we celebrate the accomplishments each have made
We build, and we grow. We break bread together.
Yes, our kind of family stays true forever.

Beauty comes to us in every color
we love and we care and support one another
Our greatest strength is our strong diversity
Yes, we build our home, with our chosen family


This poem was written for a client who sent the following request:

I would like a generic poem on blended families of mixed races.

This is the poem that I wrote based on that request.

If you would like me to write a custom poem for you, please contact me.


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