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Poem: On Awaking From A Nightmare

On Awaking From A Nightmare
by Jonathan Kraft
written 16. August, 2009 12:15 AM

Awake with visions
Visions of terror, and anger, and hate,
and hate and sadness and frear.

Where does this come from?
How do I release it?

It may be part of the programming I’ve received
But it’s a fraction of a fraction.

So why is it so dominant right now?
And how do I overwrite it?

These visions are not mine.
They are not my life.

I am a child of love
A creation of all that is good
And I am goodness.

The minuteness of my life
displays marvels I comprehend
and embrace

Because of and through all I’ve been given
I give back, and inspire through my giving.

I am an embodiment of the Creator
A child of the Universe
And I am safe.

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