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Poem: For A Pregnant Wife

Someone hired me to write the following poem for them:

A Poem for your pregnant Wife
Assume you have a friend or acquaintance whose wife is pregnant, and you are writing this poem to the expecting Dad, as a Gift. However, you should address the person of the mom-to-be through her husband (dad-to-be). Identify with the new experiences both the dad to be and mom to be may be having due to pregnancy.

Largely, you should address the person of his pregnant wife; Eulogising her virtues as a wife, in transition to motherhood; rejoice with her, inspire her, encourage her, calm her fears, give her hope and wish her a successful pregnancy journey through the poem you’re writing to the expectant father.

This is like writing a poem to both expecting mom and dad but addressed to the man. The idea behind this poem is to have a gift poem written/addressed to a would-be-dad, but that will bring him and his wife together to read the poem. So, use your creativity and inspirational flow here with fun, sentiment….

Here is the poem I came up with:

Life’s Greatest Joy (For A New Father-to-Be)

by Jonathan Kraft

You may be feeling a jumble of emotion;
completely afraid, confused, and excited.
One minute you run from the coming changes,
in the next minute you’re so very delighted.

And the woman you married, her body is changing
And with it somewhat her disposition
It may leave you sometime feeling that you’re
Regarded with some derision

But it’s fair to say that she’s taken on
The very greatest challenge of her life
She may have known this on the day she met you
Or perhaps on the day she became your wife

But still as it’s here the challenge is new
And in your awareness of a looming due date
Just know that she’s got a lot going on
She’s added a whole new world to her plate

She’s been a wife to you all along
And she has loved living that role, it’s true
And each day she’s learning to care for this life
While keeping up with both her and you

And so as you watch this new life grow
Through kicks and hiccups and ultrasound
Rejoice with her at every new moment
Be even more loving as her belly grows round

The new life inside of her also expands
her perspective on all of life as a whole
and it will grow you too – if you let it –
as together you live life’s experience full

So calm any fears and rub her back
and also her neck and toes and feet
Encourage her at every opportunity
Be fully with her each time that you meet

And if, quite late, 3 o clock in the morning
She gets a craving for some weird kind of food
Wake up and get it and return with a smile
Just go about it all with great attitude

And that spirit will carry into your lives
And amazing parents you both will become
This new life will make the world even better
And a few people will be a much bigger sum

and the life that you are now building
through the loving steps that you’re now living
will be made greater through deeply loving
experiences and support that you are now giving

So as she’s there and you feel tingles
Fear and trepidation as you buy a new toy
Just know that this new person coming soon
Is coming to bring you your life’s greatest joy.

Please let me know if you would like me to write poems for you.

4 thoughts on “Poem: For A Pregnant Wife

  1. Lisa

    I loved this poem and it made me so grateful to be married to your Dad through all 4 of our pregnancies. Taking on the responsibility of being a parent was always exciting to me, but it was also very scary and never seemed to happen at a time that was “convenient”. And, I’m sure you’ll understand that I worried about every little thing. I say all this in response to your poem, because it was always your Dad that kept me going, that would find ways to explain why I was feeling the way I was feeling or not feeling. I know he had his concerns as well, but he was always there for me and there is no greater love than that. The love we have shared for our children only strengthened the love we have for each other! “And the greatest of these is love!”

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