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Poem: Mothers and Children

Mothers and Children
by Jonathan Kraft

When women look unto the world
Thinking to have a child
It seems that they imagine an offspring
Well-mannered, well-tempered, perhaps mild

But from day one, moms learn, life’s full of surprises
Babies spend lots of time fussing and crying
There are moments of softness and stillness,
but the first months can be quite trying.

Children reach and you teach (and sometimes they listen)
From it all, they learn and they really grow
Sometimes they don’t learn, kids sometimes resist
All the things that you know they should know

But a mother is persistent, her love knows no bounds
She’s patient, as a general rule
And nothing is quite as bittersweet
As the first day her children first go off to school

It’s the first time she sends them out into the world
To learn lessons and meet people too
She sends them out to get what they need,
Because her loves stays true.

The time seems to pass so rapidly
New experiences there are every day
Through good times, struggles, and disagreements
Through times spent going out to play

The teenage years bring struggles and clashes
Sometimes they can be quite fierce
Sometimes moms and children don’t see eye to eye
Sometimes she feels her heart’s been pierced

Children don’t always understand the love
Or give the same love in return
That can be hard in being a mom
Causing the soul to yearn

For more ways to connect to her children
She forgives harsh words that weren’t really true
It’s important that children also forgive
Sometimes moms can make mistakes too

Mothers bring children into the world
They comfort with the peace of a dove
They instruct, support, and nurture,
And raise children in the light of true love.

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