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Poem: Into Whose Pockets?

Into Whose Pockets
by Jonathan Kraft
Written 12. May, 2008

Jonathan and Carrie were about $22,000 in credit card debt on 12. May, 2008.
Much of this credit was at 26% APR.

Who collects this 26%?
Into whose pockets does it flow?
Does it go to build parks
and safe havens for larks
Or is it carried away by a crow?

And what does such interest do to my life?
Have “they” even stopped to think?
The pressure, for many
is on more than their penny
and will lead many to see a shrink.

What can I do to stop this madness
and stop imprisonment inside this monthly fence?
I will stop overspending
No longer accepting their moneylending
Yes, that will make quite a difference.

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