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Poem: I Feel So Separated

December 1997 and Jonathan is 18

I feel so separated from myself
From my body, from my emotions
Even sometimes from my spirit
All because I listen to my heart,
But don’t hear what it says to me,
And what I do hear is selected
According to what my mind wants
to act upon, and what it doesn’t.
Sounds healthy, doesn’t it?;
An “Irrational” heart, regulated by
A mind that wants to experience
All forms of knowledge?
Then why am I so disconnected?
I rely on my thought too much –
This is why my physical and emotional challenges
Often, almost always, sneak up on me. –
I love to be challenged by outside forces,
But I’ve neglected to relate those challenges
To the ultimate challenge every human
Being should face:
A way to bring together Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotion.

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