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Poem: It’s Time

Written December 1993 when Jonathan is 13

I can’t believe it’s happened,

it’s starting all over again.

Nothing’s changed,

and their world’s the same,

but to you it looks like the end.

Your friend has fallen down,

and will never again get up.

Someone is born,

another is scorned,

but it seems you’ve run out of luck.

There’s nothing you can do now,

so you sit on the ground just staring.

You find no life,

and two have strife.

The news on the front page is scaring.

You try to pick up the pieces,

you know there’s good somewhere.

You sit at a table,

and tell a small fable,

but something is missing from there.

There should be someone laughing,

instead there’s only the tears.

forever gone,

used like a pawn,

a sad fulfillment of fears.

We’ve got to stop and turn this around,

this world is not a gun range.

We’re losing our greats,

to less than real fate,

something has got to change.

We’ve got to work together,

to speak out against these crimes.

The power of one,

it’s cause will be won,

violence only gets worse with the times.

We must learn from the past and see what has happened

to make a better tomorrow,

let’s work together,

hold on forever,

It’s time to stop the sorrow.


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