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Poem: Father Christmas Is My Step-Dad

Someone hired me to write a custom poem as a Christmas present for their step-dad.

If you’d like me to write a Christmas poem for you, please let me know.

Father Christmas Is My Step-Dad
by Jonathan Kraft

Santa brings around the presents
to all of the children everywhere.
It’s the Christmas tradition,
an every year affair.

Santa’s gifts are plentiful,
the message is clear for us.
Be caring and kind and attentive,
and especially generous.

Father Christmas is a father
who’s known for generosity.
And this kind of care and attention
is what you’ve given to me.

You may not always have know it
or known what gift you were giving.
But your gift to me has always been present
simply through your daily living.

Merry Christmas to my step dad.
I don’t know how you seem to know
the things that I have needed to hear,
the things that have helped me to grow.

But through my few short years of life
you’ve been someone for me,
who has shown the meaning of Christmas,
because of whom you’ve helped me to be.

Thank-you and Merry Christmas!

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