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Poem: Anointed

Written in 1994
by Jonathan Kraft


Life is strange when you walk down the street,

seeing the faces of people you meet.

You seem to see and then look and find

that not everyone is always kind.

Some people are pushed, and thrown on the ground,

and then you hear the disheartening sound

of crying and whining, a constant plea,

“Will you help you,

 or will you help me?”

You do not want to stay in this place,

so you keep walking, and turn your face.

As you walk to another point

there’s no way to heal, no way to anoint.

You don’t look back, nothing you want.

Emotions are hidden and the battle’s been fought.

As you see, you look and find

a homeless waif, you know the kind.

Crouched in a corner no history,

you see no past, a mystery.

Where he came from, no one knows.

It’s up to you

where he goes.

Then he holds out a sign for all to see,

“Will you help you,

or will you help me?”

You do not want to stay in this place

so you keep walking and turn your face.

As you walk

to another spot,

you feel your stomach tie up in knots.

Pain and remorse for what’s left behind,

you’re looking for something

you can’t find.

You continue to walk

to another point,

no way to heal, no way to anoint

As you find

you see and look,

a tiny old house

 opened like a book.

As you go closer,

there’s a force inside.

Pulling you strongly,

you have to abide.

When you go in,

there’s a blinding light,

but you are at peace.

You will not fight.

as you let

your eyes adjust,

a wind blows through you,

a chilling gust.

There is no breeze.

An imagination?

but it’s still there

a strange sensation.

A voice says

“Calm down. I do not wish to harm.”

“Then why can’t I see you?

Hold out your arm.”

I am the one who has been sent.

(Come all you sinners, come and repent.)

Sit with me now let us talk for a while.

There are so many words and experiences, my child.”

You sit in a chair

and you talk on end.

Suddenly you recognize

your new found friend.

You know his face,

been there all along,

if only you’d seen it

you could’ve stopped the wrong.

The saddened street,

the homeless waif,

“Why not go help them, it’s never too late.

But before you go, I will give you a cross.

It will symbolize all that is lost

when people like you decide not to see

‘Will you help you, or will you help me?’

They don’t understand how much is lost,

when you don’t bring others to the way of the cross.

It will also show a renewal of faith for people like you

and the homeless waif.

When given a chance you decide to see,

there’s few that can help.  One of them’s me.


Know that I love you,

now go out and find all the oppressed.

Loosen and unbind the chains and shackles wrapped on their faith

that have caused all of them to go astray.

Go help others to live life full,

when you’re in heaven, there’ll be no toll.”

And as he says this

you know what to do.

You give him a hug

and tie up your shoe.

You walk through the doorway

and feel the warm air.

You have a new outlook,

it won’t always be fair,

but you don’t have to fight

the things that you feel,

the true voice within

will help all to heal.

You look at a church

and hear bells ring.

This is the Earth,

you know one thing.

This is the place

where you will stay

and help others ’til your rising day.

You’re helping others

whose lives are in need,

you give them experiences

by planting a seed.

A seed of hope, of faith, and of care,

from now on they will share;

The new beginning,

and help others to grow,

empowered from within,

there’s nowhere they can’t go.

You see a great unity,

completely join-ed,

you’re finally healed,

finally anointed.


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