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Poem: Being True

Being True
by Jonathan Kraft

Written Summer 2006

So where do I put my time?
Where, and how, can I be of service?
And in the midst of all of that
and the flurry of activity that it takes,
how do I remember to take the time
to fuel the fire within me?

How do I built the heart
that builds the home
that houses the dream
that creates the team
that really, and truly
makes a dramatically positive difference in the world?

And what of the critics?
The nay sayers?
can’t do
won’t do
never will happen
ne’er do wells?

What of those that take shots at you
simply because they want to see you drop?

How do they learn to fly?

I imagine utopia.
I imagine individuals lifting themselves
off the very ground they stand on.

I imagine miracles
and the healing of all
and nutrition for all
and peace on earth
and infinite life.

And because I imagine it,
I image it.
And because I image it,
it is so.

But what of those who don’t know?
What of those who were never given the opportunity
to “really” know?

Not those who closed their eyes,
but those who have never been told they have eyes.

What of them?

Surely they deserve a chance to be embraced by the light
and feel it’s warm caress all about them.

They do deserve that, correct?

The heart has the answers.

Bring what’s within, with-out.


The heart, and the mind, have the answers.
Bring all that is within you, with you out into the world.
You must decide
to be true
to all that is
within you



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