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Poas Volcano and La Paz Waterfall, take one

We knew after yesterday’s troubles, how to properly configure the GPS and how it was of dire importance that we know how to get somewhere by ourselves, rather than relying only on GPS.
So this morning we set off for Volcan Poas. This was a relatively easy drive (compared to yesterday, anything would b)e. But, we managed to get to the top of Poas in about 2 hours (again, an hour longer than what people say, but we’ve decided to just add an hour on to what everyone says).
The roads to Poas are better, but that doesn’t mean that they’re good by any means. And, we had to drive through Alejuela. I don’t think that there’s a non-busy street in that place. It was crazy crowded.
Carrie And Jonathan at La Paz Waterfall Gardens near San Jose, Costa Rica
Anyway, when we reached the top of Poas, the guard at the gate told us that there was a storm, and we wouldn’t be able to see anything. It was up to us if we wanted to pay the $10 per person plus $2 for the car. We asked if it would be like that all day. He said it was a storm, so it wouldn’t clear.
We thanked him for his honestly and left. Again. Just like we did yesterday at Volcano Irazu.

Not the best start to our day, since that’s how yesterday started as well. Oh well. We stopped at a small café on the side of the road for a strawberry liquado (strawberries (grown on Poas) blended with milk). It was super tasty.
Carrie And Jonathan enjoy a strawberry liquado on Volcano Poas near San Jose, Costa Rica
From there we decided to take on La Paz Waterfalls. So, we got directions from the man running the café. They matched what the GPS said. Away we went.

We drive down this road that is crazy. It’s just crazy in a different way than yesterday’s roads. This one is under construction. It looks as if fairly recently, the entire hillside collapsed. (This road is all downhill.)

But, we keep driving. Every now and then when we round a corner, we’ll have to stop suddenly for the construction equipment to move out of the middle of the road.

We make it down the hill though. We see a really nice hotel off to the side at one point. Then, when we’re only 700 meters from our destination, the road is closed.
Carrie And Jonathan at a closed road to La Paz Waterfall Gardens near San Jose, Costa Rica
No, they couldn’t say that at the top, or even a few kilometers back. They wait until the very last minute to tell you that you can’t go to the waterfall because the only road there is closed.

We go back to the hotel. Only it turns out that it’s not a hotel, it’s kind of like a zoo with a trail to the waterfall.

They tell us that there had been an earthquake and the road is closed. They then present their brochure to us. It’s a big park. There are lots of things to see, including two waterfalls (but not the big one since it’s blocked by damage from the earthquake).

They say that it takes at least 2.5 hours to see the whole thing. They also warn us that there are over 500 steps that we’ll be taking. And, admission is $35 per person.

We asked if there was a place where we could just have lunch, and they say that we can have lunch in the park for $12 per person. BUT, that’s on top of the $35 entrance fee.

For that much money, we want to be sure that we can really take as much time as we want, and not feel rushed or pressed for time at all.

And, after all the driving we’ve been doing, it’s already 2:30. Kattya and Ricardo were coming for Thanksgiving dinner tonight at 6:00, and we still had to drive back and make dinner.
Carrie And Jonathan blocked in at La Paz Waterfall Gardens near San Jose, Costa Rica
So, we don’t go in. We just take our losses. Getting back to the car, we’re partially blocked in by some delivery truck. Jonathan gets out though without the truck moving.

We drive back to the condo, stopping for some last minute groceries on the way. While in the store, a truck manages to block us in. I’m still in the car waiting for Jonathan.

I don’t know how (or why) the truck decided to block us in, when there was more space on the other side of our car for him if he wanted to park. He backed in, so I thought he was unloading stuff, but he wasn’t. He was just shopping.
Carrie And Jonathan blocked in at La Paz Waterfall Gardens near San Jose, Costa Rica
Jonathan came out, and we had to ask the security guard to go find the truck driver to move his truck so we could leave.

Today had me just completely defeated. For the first time sine we left, I just wanted to go home. I was done with Costa Rica, and I was annoyed, irritated, frustrated, upset, and I was done. Just done.

The last two days were spent in foiled activities, having things take doubly as long as they are “supposed” to, and having to work harder than ever to see the positive in the situation.

I’m sure you’ve been there before too. Today was mine.

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