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Plane Tickets to Tanzania and Kilimanjaro

Holy cow were the plane tickets expensive. I’ve been searching for over a month now, and we finally decided to buy tickets. We went the multi-city route so that we could be sure and have some time, on the way back, in Amsterdam. (On the way there we’re wanting to get to Tanzania and Kilimanjaro directly.) After looking for separate tickets everywhere, and looking for multi-city options, we finally found one that was, what seemed like, a good deal. (That’s not to say that it wasn’t a good deal, it just wasn’t as good as we were hoping.) But, now that we have safely spent over $2000 per person on airline tickets alone, we are all set to go.
And, they issued us paper tickets! Can you believe that? I haven’t been issued a paper ticket since I was in 5th grade (which was 13 years ago). I didn’t even know that they still did that. I guess I’ve just been spoiled traveling in the age of e-tickets so you don’t have to worry about forgetting them, losing them, having them stolen, spilled on, etc. But we’ve got them. So, as Jonathan says, “I guess we’re really going aren’t we.”

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  1. pam

    get a job if you want to go on vacation, fund it yourself. i have summited this mountain. if you do get other people to pay your way, at least don’t scrimp on tipping your porters.

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