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Climbing Kilimanjaro – Are You Ready

Probably the most common question we are asked about going to Kilimanjaro is “Are you ready?” I can see by our countdown clock on the web site that we have only 44 days until we leave for Kilimanjaro, and I can safely say that I absolutely, positively am 100% NOT AT ALL ready! But we’re working on getting ready.
We’re also in the process of making changes to the web site… so stay tuned for that…
Carrie said the other day to someone we were talking with that “Climbing Kilimanjaro is the kind of thing that you really can’t be completely ready for. No matter how much you do, you can always say you wish you had done more preparing.”

Carrie training for Kilimanjaro
One of the things we have been doing regularly is working out.  I thought today I would post about what our workout routine has been up to this point, and what we are doing now to really step things up and make sure we’re as ready as possible. TheFunnyShow was nice enough to send us these shirts, after we were guests on their radio show. They SAY that they didn’t have the right sizes for us, so they sent an XL and a XXL… which we sort of look like overstuffed Oompa-Loompas when we’re wearing them – we think that JC, Dude, and The Mailman were just trying to be funny sending us oversized clothing. Jonathan training for Kilimanjaro
But we appreciate them, and these shirts have become our official workout shirts while we are having our Kilimanjaro sponsors shirts printed.
Speaking of Kilimanjaro sponsors, our eBay auction closed, with 16 of our available spots taken, meaning there are only 84 sponsorship spots remaining! If you know someone who would be interested, let them know soon, because our sponsorships are being filled rapidly!
Up until this past week, our workout routine was:
30 minutes on the stair-stepper/elliptical
10 Minutes Abs work
25 minutes weight training (just because we wanted it – not really to train for Kili)
Then we realized that we only had 46 days left, and that we probably weren’t getting enough Cardio work in.
So here’s out workout routine now:
Ride our bikes to the gym (about 1 mile away)
1 hour on the stair-stepper/elliptical (Jonathan likes the stair stepper, Carrie likes the elliptical)
Ride our bikes home
How do we fit this in? Well, it’s amazing that when you have a goal like climbing the tallest mountain in Africa, fitting an hour and a half workout into a busy schedule becomes a priority.
Speaking of which, it’s time to go to the gym!

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  1. Scot Kanaley

    I so much enjoy this news letter. I (we) are climbing Kili in Sept 2006 – so I’m always in search of news re Kili. I am coordinating a climb for my family and one other family – 8 of us! It’s been a life long dream – and I am consumed by the anticipation. Great Job you guys – continue to keep me posted, I love it!

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