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Pictures of monkeys and the trunk monkey video

So here’s the gist of today’s posting.

Monkeys:  Pictures of monkeys, talk about monkeys, and
monkey business.  (Well, maybe not monkey business exactly…)

When we get back, we will have some great pictures we took, and
hopefully, (as one of our

has requested), we’ll be able to get some "pictures of cute

As we don’t have any of our own monkey pictures YET,
we’re sharing THESE pictures of monkeys with you instead.

When it comes to the monkeys we’re going to see in Africa, it’s
most likely that we’ll see baboons and spider monkeys.  Apparently, baboons
don’t really mind at all having humans around, but spider monkeys are generally
skittish.  We hope we’ll see a full range, but we’ll be happy to see any
monkeys that see fit to grace us with their presence!

And for the people who don’t think that baboons are
monkeys…well, we can have the debate later.  (Actually, feel free to
leave us your comments below.) But for now, here are some pictures of monkeys
from all over.


pictures of monkeys - baboon and baby

Apparently this is a pretty rare picture of an olive baboon.

pictures of monkeys - baboon monkey business

Quit acting like Baboons! 
Never mind.  You are baboons.

pictures of monkeys - baboon sitting

This guy says "What are you doing here?"

pictures of monkeys - baboon with long face

Hey, why the long face?
This is a beautiful picture of an amazing animal.

spider monkeys

spider monkey - pictures of monkeys

spider monkey in tree - pictures of monkeys

vervet monkeys

It’s possible that we’ll see some vervets, which
would be great!

vervets - pictures of vervet monkeys

monkeys vervets - pictures of vervet monkeys

(The following is a random assortment of monkey pictures.)

Capuchin monkey - pictures of monkeys

This picture of a Capuchin monkey shows many Americans the monkey we
generally think about having for a pet – popularized by shows like

picture of Tamarin monkey

This is a picture of a Tamarin monkey.  Tamarins are rather
cute monkeys, don’t you think?  (Oh, and stay tuned for cute
monkey pictures.)

monkey and baby - pictures of monkeys

Don’t mind me.  I’m just hanging around!

baby and monkey - pictures of monkeys 2

More pictures of baby monkeys.

monkey pictures - monkey in tree

"Look out below!  I’m a monkey, so I make up my own mind. I
could decide to stop posing for this picture and let go at any

Capuchin monkey - pictures of capuchin monkeys

Another picture of a Capuchin monkey.
Very cool angle and close-up!


frustrated monkey picture

This monkey looks a little frustrated, don’t you think?

India monkey

Apparently, this is a picture of monkeys in India.

picture of monkeys - three monkeys on a branch

Three monkeys are on a branch, and one decides to leap.
How many monkeys are left?
Three.  Why?  One just decided.  He didn’t actually
do it yet.

monkey - pictures of monkey thinking

"Your picture can’t bother me.
I’m deep in thought."
Here are just some cute monkey pictures
for the "awww" factor.

pictures of monkeys - cute monkey 1

pictures of monkeys - cute monkey 2
(Special thanks to:

pictures of monkeys - cute monkey 3

pictures of monkeys - cute monkey 4

Oh, and if you’ve never seen a Trunk Monkey video, you should watch this: 

One of the now infamous Trunk Monkey videos

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