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Our Storage Unit

I meant to post this sooner, but found the pictures while at the Hotel Aranjuez in San Jose and thought that I would schedule it to post ahead of time.
Before leaving on our travel (and actually when we started renting out our house in April), we moved a lot of our things into a storage unit.
It is climate controlled and we pay for it on a monthly basis. It’s 10′ x 5′ x 14′ tall. (For our metric minded friends, that’s 3m x 2.6m x 4.6m tall.)
We thought this would be enough space for all of our things.

But alas, we fell a bit short of space and ended up storing a few more of these plastic crate things at my parents house.
However, here are pictures of what the storage space looks like before it’s 100% full (as it is now 100% full while we’re traveling.)
Storage crates and our storage unitEach crate costs about $9-$12, depending on which Wal-Mart you buy it from. We think (though we’re not sure exactly) that we have at least 32 crates, though that number could be higher. We’d rather store our stuff in a greener solution than heavy plastic, but we ran out of time in our searching for a better way to store things long-term.
My favorite part of the storage unit is the box up top (about 12 feet up), which I didn’t see the message on until we got to Costa Rica.
Storage crates stacked to the ceiling of our storage unit
Oh well.

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