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The end of an era…

“I guess this is goodbye old pal. You’ve been a perfect friend…”
We’re saying goodbye to a loyal friend today. After meeting in 2006, this friend has been with us over 4 continents, through countless birthdays and holidays, many adventures, and even the occasional witness to future blackmail activities (Zach…), in fact, this friend has been with us for close to 10,000 events in the past 3.5 years.
Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of our lost friend. Why, because it’s…
Our camera. Yes, after being bumped and bruised, scratched, and scraped our camera has finally given in. What was the breaking point? Well, for this camel-no camera- it was not straw, but sand. After a short drop on the beach of the turtle project, the lens cover has given up, and now refuses to open. We were able to coax it open for the last month, but now it refuses all attempts.
But, there’s good in all things right? I was going to ask for a new camera for me for Christmas anyway, so we get to celebrate Christmas early. Our gift to ourselves? This new camera we plan on purchasing at some point soon..
Our old Nikon coolpix was so good to us, that we’re going to be brand loyal and get this newer version. Can you believe that it costs us the same now for a much better camera as we got then? Funny how things work out that way. Our biggest challenge now is deciding whether to buy it now, and if we do, how to get it to us here in Central America (wherever we are then), or deciding to wait until Christmas to buy it and pick it up.

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