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Our first week in Christchurch, New Zealand

We decided to head to Christchurch a bit earlier than planned.  Why?  Because we had friends waiting for us.

Jonathan’s friend, Nicole (whom he’s known for 15 years!), lives in Christchurch with her partner, Matthew, and their son Caden.

They were nice enough to put us up in their house while we looked for a place of our own.

It was a really fun week.  We went to an organic food market in Lyttelton, listened to Matt’s band play (they’re awesome!), ate fantastic food together, went to a really fun pub, and made some new friends, including Matt’s Dad.

We also had fun spending time with Caden.  He’s 15 months old, super cute and really fun.  He loves to dance and loves animals.

Thanks Nicole and Matt for hosting us and giving us a great first impression of Christchurch (even if the weather didn’t cooperate).  It rained for a week straight!

One thought on “Our first week in Christchurch, New Zealand

  1. Nicole Little

    We are so glad you guys came down early! It has been awesome having you here and we’re really looking forward to more fun times. Thanks again for baby-sitting on Monday!!

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