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A Night Tour of Quito, Ecuador: Pictures And Videos

Last week, we went on a night tour of Quito, Ecuador with our Spanish school, Simon Bolivar.

Night tour of Quito: View from the Virgen

Night tour of Quito, Ecuador: View from the street

Night tour of Quito, Ecuador: Drinking Canelazos

I actually felt a little rushed through some of the locations, but we had a lot to see and not a lot of time to see it in, so it was probably good that the pace kept moving along.

Night tour of Quito, Ecuador: church and national theater

Night tour of Quito, Ecuador: most expensive hotel in Quito

The explanations of different locations and the history of different locations were some of my favorite parts.

Night tour of Quito, Ecuador: National Liberty Monument

Night tour of Quito, Ecuador: Beautiful Quito church

I made 3 videos (in Spanish) of a few of the locations where we were and have posted them below (for those who speak Spanish and/or want to try to improve).

The virgin (statue) in Quito

The church of San Francisco

Ronda Street

Quito really is a beautiful city at night.  It’s a shame that it’s not considered to be safe to be out and walking everywhere, but like every big city in the world, certain areas are generally more dangerous than others.

It’s something Quito seems to be working on with private guards (as well as police) having been hired specifically to make certain areas of Quito more safe for nighttime (and anytime) visits.

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