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February Changes: Movable Type to WordPress

Just a quick post to let everyone know that we recently moved our whole site over to WordPress from Movable Type.

Why this might be important to you?

The non-geeky explanation is that this will allow us to do more stuff with our web site more easily.

However, there may be some pages or links on our site in the next week or so which might not work as effectively as they should.  If you find things that aren’t working, please drop us a line and let us know.

Also, please be patient as we get things working 100% again.

Growth of WordPress through 2007

3 thoughts on “February Changes: Movable Type to WordPress

    1. Jonathan Post author

      Yeah, I’m hoping so. We’re getting buried by Spam comments on all of our sites at the moment, so I’m hoping that a more updated Akismet as well as smarter filtering will make it more simple.

      Not to mention how much cheaper it is to hire someone to make things work on WordPress vs. the older versions of Movable Type. Something to do with open source, methinks.

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